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Wessex Hillrunners Off Road Club

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Sandy & Barry Wood (SECRETARIES)
59 Priorsdene Crescent, Leigh Park,
Havant, Hants, PO9 3AS
Tel: 023 9248 1323

(YES - Here it is at last!)

Apologies for having to wait such a long time (since January!) for this Newsletter - mainly the fault of the Foot and Mouth outbreak, but also due to changes in the LeMay household (new job, addition to the family etc.).

For these reasons Steve has decided to take a back seat, concentrating on organising off-road events, and has asked Sandy and Barry Wood to take over the general running of the Club (more of this and other changes to the Committee in the Chairpersons' News Section).


WELCOME TO WESSEX HILLRUNNERS NEWSLETTER. I hope that you all enjoy it - sometimes it will be funny, sometimes sad, sometimes serious, most of all mad (like the Editor so I'm told). Hopefully the information that it will hold will be helpful sometimes. We can share past events, present events and any on-going events.

Anyone with any news that they wish to share is more than welcome to help me fill these empty pages!!! (PLEASE). Anyone with interesting stories, articles etc. or projects that you find interesting, at least 2 or 3 other members will find it interesting. So please, we are trying to make this a letter 'for our members, by our members, to all members (I'm sure someone famous wrote that, but I'm not sure who it was!).

Just a quick note to thank everyone who was able to join us at the Greyhound Stadium - it was a good night and I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves.

I am planning to sort out about 3 social events or more a year, so if anyone has any ideas then I would be grateful for their views. Some of the ideas so far are: -


but if anyone has other ideas, these are all welcome. (Little note for Wayne Crumpton - we are still trying to find a site for mud wrestling ha-ha-ha.)

So, once again, ENJOY - if you do, tell others and if you don't, tell no-one!

Thank you,

Sandy x x x


Due to the Foot and Mouth things have been a little quiet on the Club scene, but we kept our promise and we had a fantastic free day at Surrey Saw Mills, with a good turn out and we also found a few new members. As we said to quite a few on the day, that site is going to get pretty sticky in the coming months, so get your wellies ready.

As I'm sure you've noticed the Club is getting bigger and bigger and the work load on the Committee is growing with it. Thankfully we've had a few volunteers to help out with the Club and we would like them to join us on the Committee. This has been discussed during our pub meets and everyone present is very positive about the changes we are about to make. As a Committee we believe that these changes can only benefit the Club and make the world a better place to offroad. We have produced the new Committee Team and their responsibilities below:

CHAIRPERSONS - Sarah and Steve LeMay - overall running of the Club, organising offroad days and greenlaning days. Tel: 023 9234 1930 Email: [email protected]

CLUB SECRETARIES - Sandra and Barry Wood - day-to-day running of the Club, organise social events, produce the Club Newsletter. Tel: 023 9248 1323 Email: [email protected]

CLUB TREASURER - Giles Sadd - account for Club funds. Tel: 01794 301840

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARIES - Jayne and Brian Herbert - responsible for all membership enquiries, renewals, etc., to assist with production of Club Newsletter. Tel: 023 8043 1865 Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

RIGHTS OF WAY OFFICER - Patrick Manuel - to make the countryside more accessible to the Club and document our local rights of way. Tel: 023 9236 9660 Email: [email protected]

We would like to thank our Committee Members for all your hard work so far, and we're glad we've got you on our team. If you would like to volunteer your services please don't hesitate to contact the Committee.

A slow start to the year but we have lots of fun planned for the future as long as you're willing to support us. See you soon off-road.

Don't forget to check out our website at www.wessex-hillrunners .A big 'thanks' to Bernie Rayner and Jim Tyler for their work on the website.

Sarah and Steve


As Sandy and Barry will no longer be dealing with Club membership, the Committee felt that now was a good time to give special thanks to Zoe Wood for all her help with membership enquiries, issuing membership cards etc. over the last couple of years - your help has been greatly appreciated and they couldn't have done it without you!

The Committee


Most of you will know us as we have been Club members for a number of years now, but for new members we will tell you a bit about ourselves so that you can recognise us, and come and introduce yourselves next time we meet. We are both mad about vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Our main road car is a grey Range Rover 3.9 Vogue SE, G796 CWK, and we tow "Yellow Nellie" (bright yellow Range Rover) to off-road meets. Nellie is still pretty standard at the moment, but when Brian gets the time she is going to be fairly radically modified (yes, he will be doing a 'members vehicles' article on the modifications eventually!). Jayne also has a bright red, very 'tarted up' mini called Rufus, but will be getting a Ferrari for her next birthday (dream on!). Brian is an LGV Driver and ex-mechanic, who is pretty handy doing most vehicle repairs and welding. Jayne runs her own Office Services business, specialising in providing office services for small businesses - Word Processing, Desk Top Publishing including letter headings, business cards etc., Book-keeping, etc., and also does one-off jobs for individuals (CVs, letters etc.). I give a discount to Club members, so if anyone wants any office work done ring A - Z Office Services on 023 8043 7638 (mentioning that you are a Club member).

Also, Sandy and Jayne have been asked to take over editing and producing the Newsletter. As you can see we have stuck to the old format for this issue at least, although we have started a new feature on 'Member's Vehicles', kicked off by Steve LeMay writing about his Range Rover on page x. Anyone with articles for the Newsletter (on their vehicles, events they have attended, future events or anything else of general interest) please forward them to Jayne. If you have access to a computer and can type the article (preferably in 'Word') then send it on a floppy or as an email attachment to save re-typing. Photos can also be sent on floppy or with emails, but if not you can send the actual photo. (Please send SAE if you want discs/photos returned.) We may be able to print in colour in future, but for now photos will need to have a reasonably uncluttered background to look good in black and white. If you send hand-written articles please include information on the best contact number and times you are available (just in case we have anyone with Doctor's handwriting!).

Please don't worry, we will not be boring you with an article about ourselves in each Newsletter, but keep a note of our number - we are always pleased to hear from members (except during Grand Prix, when all you will get is the answerphone!)

Jayne and Brian


Hello Everyone - I was very pleased to be offered the opportunity of having a more formal involvement with Rights of Way (RoW) for the club. I tried to persuade Steve that I did not really know anything about it but he did not seem to mind so here I am!

There are several things that we are trying to achieve in terms of Rights of Way within the club, the main one is to provide a service for club members wishing to go green laneing and wanting to find out a bit more about it or about specific lanes in the area. The second thing is to raise the Hillrunners profile with the local Rights of Way authorities and other RoW user/pressure groups. We have made a start but there is still a lot of work to do.

So is a Right of Way a green lane? The term 'green lane' is generally taken to mean any unsurfaced way that carries 'vehicular rights' (that means you are allowed to drive down it). This includes both proper 'Rights of Way' and Unsurfaced County Roads (UCRs). Green Lane trips do not have to be formally organised by the club (although we will be doing this) and the network of lanes is out there to be enjoyed by everyone.

If you have any ideas for green lane trips, have had problems with a lane or any other RoW related issue please feel free to call me (Home: 02392 369660, Mobile: 07866 297543) or email ([email protected]). I can't guarantee to be able to answer the question but I will try.

In future issues of the club Newsletter I will try to provide topical information on the lanes in the Wessex area and issues relevant to the club rather than general information on RoW in general.

Patrick Manuel

Preparation for Green Laneing

A few weeks ago at a Hillrunners pub meet Steve announced that I would let everyone know what you need to do to prepare for a green laneing trip. After some thought, where visions of all sorts of tricked up motor with every conceivable recovery gadget available on board came to mind, I concluded that probably the most important items of equipment are a map and a mobile phone. I find the OS Explorer (orange) or Outdoor Leisure (yellow) maps are the best ones to use, these are 2.5 inches to the mile. The pink Landranger series, whilst showing RoW on them, are only 1.25 inches to the mile are not really sufficiently detailed for use 'in the field'. The maps for the Portsmouth area are Explorer 119 (Meon Valley), 120 (Chichester) 132 (Winchester) and 133 (Haslemere & Petersfield). You don't even need a 4x4 to drive many lanes so the mobile phone is an alternative to carrying a pile of recovery equipment and can be used to call for help if you do happen to get stuck!

Wessex Lanes Database

Within a 25 mile radius of Portsmouth there are about 300 lanes on the map which appear to have vehicular rights. These have been documented in a database that is available to all members of the club. The database contains descriptions of the lanes and their condition listed by geographical area, photographs of some lanes are also available. The document containing the database also provides some general information on green laneing and contact information for local authorities and other user groups.

The database is by no means complete and it is growing and changing all the time as more lanes are surveyed and information on known ones gets updated. The best way to access the database is via the Club's web site where it can be found in the 'members only' section. The web site also provides a link to a mapping product that shows the location of the start and end points of the lanes. The database can also be provided on CD ROM or hard copy if necessary (please contact myself for details).

Foot and Mouth

The Foot and Mouth crisis is not over yet but it does appear to be in retreat. When the crisis broke both Hampshire and West Sussex implemented blanket closures of all Rights of Way with a potential �5,000 fine for failing to comply. As time went on selected routes were opened up to the public again, these being indicated at the entrance to the RoW with a green notice declaring the route to be open. At the end of May both counties removed the blanket closure but closed specific routes, these being identified with a red notice. What this means is that it is now legal to use lanes that do not have a red notice on them. The use of RoW is subject to a Code of Conduct (copy provided) which, whilst not legally binding, it would be highly advisable to follow.

In the interest of good public relations, if there is any doubt then a lane should not be driven. In particular if land owners request us not to drive the lane then we should respect their wishes. It is worth pointing out to them (politely!) that on this occasion you have decided not to exercise your right.

Salisbury Plain

At a pub meet a couple of months it was suggested that a green laneing trip to Salisbury Plain would be a good idea. The plain has some of the longest green lanes in the South of England and is an ideal for a week end trip, the only problem is that the area is used extensively by the Army for training - This need not be a major problem as long as the correct authorities (the Salisbury Plain Range Officer I believe) are consulted before the event.

We are actively working of the idea of a trip to the plain (OK, that means I have bought the maps!) and will let you know more when we have something definite lined up.

National Green Lane Day

Sunday 21 October is National Green Lane Day. Volunteers all over the country will be taking up the challenge of clearing and repairing overgrown and run down lanes in order to make them usable again. The Hillrunners are intending to do their part and we have identified a local lane that is in need of some care and attention. We are talking to Hampshire County Council to provide support for the day (this is needed mainly for health and safety reasons). So if you feel like having some fun doing a bit of lane clearance please come along. There is no need to commit to a whole day and any time that you can spare will be appreciated. Please contact myself or Steve Le May for further details.

By Sandy and Barry Wood

Thursday - arrived to a really wet day. Tried parking but almost hit Richard, Dean's friend's Landie - oops! - didn't even know the fella! Dean, Claire, their friends Richard and Angie, and all the children had already set up camp when we joined, and put up caravan awnings and (yet another!) gazebo. It looked like a small village - we were able to move around freely between the 3 caravans and even sit outside when it was raining cats and dogs and not get wet.

There were hundreds of Landies and Rangies, all with their own personalities and colour - it was a sight for sore eyes. Someone even had the guts to bring a LADA - and it wasn't even Steve! We were able to pick up some bargains for Sandy's Discovery - we got tyres, dog guard, clock etc. Dean got lots of goodies too, such as new tyres, bonnet, etc.

We were easy to find for those members that were able to come up for a day, such as Steve and Sarah, Patrick Manuel and Paul Bodkin. Shire 4x4 and SADD were also there. We went and had a chat (as you do).

When Monday came it was time to pack up everything. The sun came out and helped to dry things out a little. We had a small convoy home, Dean leading, followed by Richard and then ourselves. Apart from Dean overheating slightly there were no hitches, only a pit stop to fill up with fuel etc.

So all in all, a good time was had by all - even the dogs were good. Hopefully we will all go back again next year, which will make it our 5th year. There is plenty to do, such as pubs, club stalls, beer tents, fair rides and arcades, so all the family are well catered for. There are also take-aways, i.e. fish and chips, pizza, and Indian, and, for the more adventurous, there was jet skiing. All this, plus an excellent view of the off-road course, whether you are going around it or not. It all makes a very pleasant break, so you must try it yourselves sometime - maybe 2002?

See you there?

By Steve Lemay

Whenever I see a rangie being hammered offroad I always think back and think that someone paid a lot of money for that luxury vehicle and I wonder what they would say if they could see it now. All old rangie owners must be secretly thanking that first owner for giving us such a great vehicle to have fun in.

Our rangie F575 KGW was hidden at the back of a salvage yard looking very sorry for itself with front and side damage. After a long debate with Sarah the rangie was delivered and had a new home in our garage(just). After a few days of searching all the replacement parts were found and all the damage was stripped off which made the rangie look like more work than I had in mind,but too late now. After two weeks and some help from our friend Mark the rangie sat on our drive taxed and moted and ready to offroad. Ok it still had a brown bonnet ,silver door and wing and a few other mixed parts but come on its going offroad. Sarah gently broke it in at Minstead with no problems so as a surprise for me she asked Shane Rich to respray the front end to finish the job off. It looked good:

We could have left it at that but no it was time to enhance its offroad capabilities. On went the 2inch lift kit from Scorpion , a set of Mudpluggas which had patiently waited in my shed for two years to see some action. A front diff guard and steering guard which we got at the Europa Truck Trail. Marks very own sill protectors( box section) does the job and saves the doors. We did spend a lot on recovery points(�20 each) but they are a good investment and do the job well.

On our first real outing Sarah (bless her) managed to blow both front and rear diffs which was slightly annoying but since then touch wood we've only killed one C.V joint. Ok. our rangie isn't perfect but it was cheap and gives us loads of fun at the same time. In the near future we would like to have some kind of roll over protection especially with our new member (Phoebe) coming along. I'm still trying to get a winch on the front but just one little hurdle to get over (Sarah!!).

The only downside to the rangie was that I was given a ultimatum, Rangie or The Beast(not both). The rangie won due to its family capabilities. The Beast is in good hands though, with Joe Coleman and I think its been having a few treats. If I'm lucky I might be able to still have a drive!!!!

Tell us about your vehicle and remember to include a photo.

(the important bit to get you off-road!)

2nd SEPTEMBER "GRAND CANYON" between Upper Beading and Shoreham. This is a large quarry site, which is ideal for all vehicles and drivers. Well worth the drive and the �20 entrance fee. Meet at Chichester Retail Park (Halfords A27) between 9.30 and 10.00am. This is a mutual time and place if you fancy going. We have a few members who regularly go but if no one else turns up please head on over and have a great day in the mud.(try to organise a convoy over)

1st/2nd SEPTEMBER NATIONAL 4x4 SHOW Trentham Gardens near Stoke. A large offroad show for all vehicles. If you would like more info contact Steve and Sarah 023 9234 1930.

7th,8th,9th SEPTEMBER LRO STONELEIGH SHOW, Warwickshire. Large offroading show which has moved from Billing. Should be a cracking weekend, so well worth a visit. The offroad course is new and supposedly very well planned. Barry and Sandy are going up, so if you want more info give them a shout ASAP 023 9248 1323

8/9th SEPTEMBER."DUNSFOLD TRUST OPEN DAY" Alford Road, Dunsfold, Surrey. A very well known landie/rangie place with some rare stuff plus parts etc. Supposed to be an interesting day out �3 admission.

13th SEPTEMBER PUB MEET The Hampshire Rose 8pm ish (old A3 between Cosham and Purbrook)

16th SEPTEMBER "MEMBERS ONLY OFFROADING DAY" see separate flyer for more details. "NEW SITE NEW SITE, NEW SITE."

29/30TH SEPTEMBER "PINGEWOOD FLINT" near Reading . Russ Brown-Lee's site off the A33 south of the M4. This is a good little site which is well worth a visit. For more info ring Barry and Sandra 023 9248 1323. Good news - Russ is opening the site the last Sunday of each month, and the normal price will be �10 per vehicle, �5 for additional drivers. This meeting is for the whole weekend - how about some 4x4ing in the DARK!!!!!!! �10 for both nights. Camping available. Bring some food for the BBQ. Ring Russ from the All Wheel Drive Club for more details 0118 9610596.

7th October "GRAND CANYON" as above.

7th October " SLAB COMMON, BORDON." This day is run by "The Jeep Club". We have been invited again this year, so please be on your best behaviour and don't give the club a bad name! Places are limited and we have been kindly given 10 places. If you are really interested please contact Steve Le May ASAP to book a place. Cost is �25 per vehicle. A �10 deposit will be required to hold your place (Steve will hold unreturnable deposits) You will need your membership card on the day and your vehicle must be legal in all respects. Please don't turn up on the day if you haven't a place booked - you will be refused entry and embarrass your club.

11th OCTOBER PUB MEET The Hampshire Rose 8pm ish

21st OCTOBER "ANNUAL GREENLANING DAY" not using them, but maintaining them. Patrick is taking the lead on this day, but we will need as many hands as possible to make it a success. All you need is yourselves and maybe some garden equipment

"CLUB OFFROADING DAY" to be confirmed



8th NOVEMBER PUB MEET The Hampshire Rose 8pm ish

11th NOVEMBER "BROXHEAD COMMON" Bordon. Another day being organised by The Jeep Club. We have been invited to this day as well and the same principle will apply as Slab Common. So get in contact with Steve with your deposits.

15th NOVEMBER "ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING" "The Hampshire Rose" 8.30pm. Come along, support your club and have your say.


2nd DECEMBER " GRAND CANYON" as above.

"CLUB CHRISTMAS PARTY" to be confirmed.

CHRISTMAS GREENLANING DAY. To be confirmed but get your tinsel ready.


"LUCKY 7 AUTOS" Welding, Fabrication, projects, anything weird at the cheapest price, discount for Club members. He will lend his hand to anything - try him! MARK 023 9264 7409

"WEST4X4 MOTORS" Landrover specialist, honest, good prices, discount for members. Loads of knowledge, new and used parts. MARK WEST 01489 894223. (now moved to Waltham Chase, and difficult to find - if you need directions phone Brian 023 8043 1865)

"CAMBERLY AUTO FACTORS"(PORTSMOUTH) Good for all your servicing needs. Discount for Club members (Ask Chairperson for discount card) 02392 381731.

"SILVERLAKE AUTOS" Discounts on older stock, see Manager on arrival. 01489 782537.

"LIMBERLINE TYRES" Limited off-road tyres, can get A/T, M/S, new and used road tyres, discount for members. WARNING it gets busy. LEE 023 9266 7218.

"PJ 4X4 SERVICES" Specialising in Landrover and Range Rovers. New and used parts. Friendly, Good prices. 01202 512667.

"THE MOT SPOT" MOT station based in Southampton. Friendly and helpful, understands 4x4s, discounted MOT (�25) PHONE 023 8090 9909

STEVE KENNEY has left "THE MOT SPOT" give him a bell for details.

"PREMIER SUPPLY CO." Cheap car parts including Rangie and Landie parts. Barry found them and uses them so they must be cheap!!! For more information speak to Barry or phone direct 01483 534346 and speak to Mr. Lawrence.

"NEW FOREST OFF-ROAD" Diff guards, tank guards, steering guards, etc. PHONE FOR BROCHURE ON 01425 619074.

"MOTORWAY TYRES"(PORTSMOUTH) Club discount - mention Wessex Hillrunners and Shane Rich.

"HI Q" PORTSMOUTH. If you are looking for a garage you can trust and will try to give you some discount, give them a go. Speak to STEVE or ROGER and tell them Steve and Sarah LeMay with the Beast has sent you. They will make the biggest effort to give you a good price and the best service. 023 9266 3351 (Servicing, oil abd filter changes, tyres, exhausts etc., - discount card held by the Committee.)



www.JohnCraddockLtd.co.uk(landie, rangie parts. good parts directory, tyres etc.)
www.FamousFour.co.uk (landie, rangie parts. Suspension specialists.)
www.scorpian-racing.co.uk (suspension, seats, harness's, all makes of vehicle)
www.ns4x4.co.uk (tyres, foreign makes, bullbars, loads of chrome.)
www.frogisland4x4.com (off-road specialists)
www.equicar4x4.freeserve.co.uk (4x4 breakers, need a body shell?)
www.rpiv8.com (V8 engine specialist)
www.DLS-UK.co.uk (landie, rangie, off-road mail order.)
www.landroverspares.co.uk (advertise parts and vehicles for free)
www.fccr101.9.co.uk (forward control club site)
www.lroi.com (landrover owner magazine)
www.roverland.co.uk (parts for disco, series 2/3. 24hr delivery)
www.4wdonline.com/yii.au.stonefield. (check out what Nick Noyce drives)
www.4x4driving.co.uk (John Morgans web site. (Grand Canyon)
www.explorerprocomp.co.uk (suspension for most makes, lift kits)
www.autoshades.co.uk (window tinting)
www.japanese4x4spares.co.uk (next day delivery)
www.roadandtrail4x4.co.uk (used parts for all makes and models)
www.bronco4x4.com (tyres and wheel packages)
www.jeepclub.co.uk (official UK jeep club)

If you have found any sites which might be of interest to our members please tell us and we'll add them to the list. As we find them we'll let you know, but there are thousands.

P.S. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT OURS FIRST!!!! REMEMBER TO DOWNLOAD THE CLUB'S VERY OWN SCREEN SAVER (its free and only takes a few minutes) who knows you may even be on it!!!

From Sandy

TO ALL LADY MEMBERS - as you may or may not know, I am a representative of a company called "Blue Banana". It is selling naughty, saucy undies, novelties, sex toys, etc.

So if you wish to spice up your love life, have some friends in for a laugh and joke, get yourself a free gift and earn yourself some commission, all in just a few hours, hold a party - go on, its great fun! Phone Sandy on 023 9248 1323 MEN PERMITTED ON HOSTESS' DISCRETION.


From Jayne and Brian Herbert

Just to remind those of you who have not yet renewed their membership that the fee is going up to �12 on 1st October. If you are coming to the 'Members Only Day' on 16th September you can renew on the day. If not, send a cheque for �7.50 (made payable to Wessex Hillrunners) to us before the end of September. Address: 26 Banbury Avenue, Sholing, Southampton, SO19 8GH

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