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Wessex Hillrunners Off Road Club

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1. Stop just before the brow and select the correct gear, usually first gear low range, but if the hill is longer, or maybe very slippery a higher gear should be used.

2. Bring the clutch up and drive over the edge, keep the vehicle straight and NEVER touch the brake or clutch pedals, no matter how much you want to stop!

3. If you start to slide, or the rear tries to overtake the front just accelerate gently to get the wheels turning again.

5. If you have a Freelander or late Discovery, engage the HDC and let the electronics do the work, it take a couple of seconds to kick in so don't panic as you go over the edge!

6. Remember the possibility of rolling forward end over end is extremely unlikely, and the white route will be set at a level not to even carry a risk of this if the rules above are followed.

Its a lots steeper than it looks in the photo!

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