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Wessex Hillrunners Off Road Club

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The new "Wessex Hillrunners Offroad Enthusiasts" club began in February 1999, with Steve and Sarah Le May (Chairpersons), Barry and Sandra Wood (Secretaries) and Giles Sadd (Treasurer) as the club committee.
Our basic aim is to bring like-minded people together to enjoy offroading and their vehicles. We want our members to make the decisions on what we do as a club, after all it’s their club, the committee tries to make their ideas happen.
Wessex Hillrunners is based in "PORTSMOUTH", Hampshire, England, but our membership base spreads over the whole of the Hampshire area.

We are a family orientated club with no airs and graces, we just want to have fun, off-road and we try and achieve this as often as possible. All vehicles are welcome, any age, any make, anybody. Due to this we have a large variety of vehicles from a 6x6 Alvis Stalwart (amphibious) to a brand new Freelander. We do our best to cater for everyone.

As in most clubs there is a large variety of members with extensive knowledge and skills which are on offer to all our members. There is always someone willing to help or give advice, or help you find that part you so desperately need.
We are well supported by local and national companies who offer discounts on a large variety of services which you may need. We also have members with their own businesses who can offer help and discounts not only with offroading in mind.

Wessex Hillrunners gets up to most things, offroad fundays/weekends, greenlaning days, pub meets etc.. The club also supports all of the national shows like"Billing LRO Show", "West Wycombe LRW Show" and this year "The Europa Truck Show" held at Bordon, Hants.
The club is very friendly with all the other local clubs in our area which benefits everyone. At present we are starting to help local charities in the area. We would also like to get more involved with byway issues (greenlanes) by volunteering our services and manpower to the local authorities.
If you like what you see and your up for a lot of fun and maybe a completely new way of life, don’t delay, please contact Wessex Hillrunners Off-Road Enthusiasts a.s.a.p.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Are you new to the Club or to 4X4 driving,
just want to see what that Chelsea Tractor is really built for?

We are here to Help!!

At the next Club driving day at an Off road site there will be a "white route" marked out for you to follow, this route will be specially picked to:
  1. Capable of being driven around by all 4X4's, from a Vitara to a Unimog!
  2. Non Damaging, there may be a few thin branches or bushes, but as long as you stay on the marked route you should avoid bodywork or mechanical damage.
  3. Capable of being driven around by without major incident, you may need a little tow!, by novice drivers, although would expect you to need 4 wheel drive and the difflock at some points!

Also if you are unsure how to drive off-road, want to know what you or your car can and cant tackle, or want to know what all those levers, difflocks and other bits are for we are here to help! At the driving days we will have appointed experienced, safe and relatively sane people to either drive you around in their own car, or sit next to you in yours to advise how to tackle the course, obstacles and what to do if you get stuck, this would include:
  1. Going up hills and what to do if you cannot make the top! Like this!
  2. How to control your speed on a downward slope and what to do if you start skidding on a downward slope. Like this!
  3. Driving in ruts to avoid breaking your thumbs Like this!
  4. How to get recovered or recover someone else safely, like this!

This will all be done to a basic level to allow you to enjoy the day and get the most out of your 4X4 in the future, not to be one of the 98% of 4X4's which never go off-road, and no longer will you think a Cross Axle is a angry Beverley Hills Cop!

We will try to show you that you can have a good day out, get nice and muddy to impress or upset the neighbours, without damaging your car, yourself or anyone else!
For more details contact the committee so we can make sure there will be someone to help when you come on the driving days.

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