Driving in Ruts

Driving in Ruts in one of the easiest, but can catch you out if you are not to careful!

1. Keep your thumbs outside the steering wheel, if your wheels are not straight or grab, the steering wheel may spin violently, snapping them both!

2. As you drive along the ruts keep your wheels in line with the ruts, it is very easy to carry on down the ruts with your wheels at an angle, if you hit a shallow section you may leap out of the track faster than a scalded hare.

3. Watch out for really deep ruts caused by tractors or larger vehicles with greater clearance, its easy to end up with all four wheels spinning helplesly as your axles or undertray are grounded, if this happens try digging out the diff area, or use a high lift jack to "cast" the car, can be dangerous os ask someone to show you how to do this first.

5. keep an eye out for large rocks or tree stumps in the ridge of the ruts, you dont want to say goodbye to your diff, steering or exhaust!

6. Let the car guide you, in general you can relax as the wheels will stay in the ruts like a train track, just keep them straight!

The bit right in front of the landy could cause a problem for lower ground clearanced vehicles, nice big lump with ruts either side.

Both Axles on a ridge, time for walkies!!!