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Show details for 02/03/2003-Green Lane Treasure Hunt, Suitable for all 4X4's02/03/2003-Green Lane Treasure Hunt, Suitable for all 4X4's
05/01/2003-Brick Kiln Farm
At the Beginning of the day
Back seat driver
Colin using his Virgin Jack, Cleaning bill to follow!
Disney Car Park?
Green Range Rover
Its good for the skin!
Make a mental note not to use Steve as your Proctologist
Make ready for crash dive captain!
oooh nearly muddy!!
Pajero getting a mouthful
Patrick recovering the dead one from the bomb hole
Scrapyard? or just letting off steam!
Suzuki Engine, Patrick ready to adjust!
Think its a Diahatsu
Thumper Splashing Out!
Towing the same Lightweight off a log!
Very Mean looking Suzuki on a Range Rover Chassis
"I said we should go left"
"Well I said you want a clutch in there"
Show details for 09/02/2003-Surrey Saw Mills Driving Day09/02/2003-Surrey Saw Mills Driving Day
Show details for 18/04/2003-Easter Salisbury Plain Trip18/04/2003-Easter Salisbury Plain Trip
Show details for 23/03/2003-Green Lane Clearance23/03/2003-Green Lane Clearance
Show details for 30/03/2003-Off Road Day at the Quamps30/03/2003-Off Road Day at the Quamps
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