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Show details for 02/03/2003-Green Lane Treasure Hunt, Suitable for all 4X4's02/03/2003-Green Lane Treasure Hunt, Suitable for all 4X4's
Show details for 05/01/2003-Brick Kiln Farm05/01/2003-Brick Kiln Farm
09/02/2003-Surrey Saw Mills Driving Day
And again, Tigger in the Woods
Barry Takes precautions after the big burger for the journey home!
Claire and Mark again!
Claire and Mark, err and mud!
final Score: Pond 5 Land Rovers 3
Green Range Rover, email your name??
Made it! well nearly, it stalled here...
Mark and Claire, still muddy!
Marlboro Man.....
One inch deeper and it's the Charlotte Church impression again! ( Pic courtesy of Ricky Smart )
Range Rover on the up
Rik, Scared, Mad or Bad????!!
Rik, Smallest hole on the site, biggest hang up!
Tigger, camoflaged as usual
V8 Liteweight, Who he???
When I grow up I want to be a P&O Ferry!
White Range Rover, "Hayes Special delivery"!
Wot no Snorkel??? can't you tell it's not his!
Yellow Range Rover in the mist
Show details for 18/04/2003-Easter Salisbury Plain Trip18/04/2003-Easter Salisbury Plain Trip
Show details for 23/03/2003-Green Lane Clearance23/03/2003-Green Lane Clearance
Show details for 30/03/2003-Off Road Day at the Quamps30/03/2003-Off Road Day at the Quamps
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