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Show details for 01/06/2003-The Quamps, not a club day!01/06/2003-The Quamps, not a club day!
Show details for 02/03/2003-Green Lane Treasure Hunt, Suitable for all 4X4's02/03/2003-Green Lane Treasure Hunt, Suitable for all 4X4's
Show details for 05/01/2003-Brick Kiln Farm05/01/2003-Brick Kiln Farm
Show details for 09/02/2003-Surrey Saw Mills Driving Day09/02/2003-Surrey Saw Mills Driving Day
Show details for 09/08/2003-Summer BBQ09/08/2003-Summer BBQ
Show details for 11/07/2003-Beaulieu 4x4 show11/07/2003-Beaulieu 4x4 show
Show details for 18/04/2003-Easter Salisbury Plain Trip18/04/2003-Easter Salisbury Plain Trip
Show details for 19/09/2003-Fordingbridge Camping19/09/2003-Fordingbridge Camping
Show details for 23/03/2003-Green Lane Clearance23/03/2003-Green Lane Clearance
Show details for 25/05/2003-Club Off Road Day at Brick Kiln Farm25/05/2003-Club Off Road Day at Brick Kiln Farm
Show details for 30/03/2003-Off Road Day at the Quamps30/03/2003-Off Road Day at the Quamps
Members Vehicles
Alice and Bernie, Land Rover Discovery
Barry and Sandra Wood
Darren Bryant
Gill Mount Mitsibushi Pajero
Greg Wheeler
Jim Tyler and Tigger, 1964 Series 2, 2 1/4 Petrol, with Sats, enough said!
Kevin and the Beast.....series 3 swb
Mark and Claire
Mark Russell, Range Rover
Mean Sound, No name! let me know.
Neil Andrews, Series 2 SWB. With the biggest front bumper ever!
Patrick manuel, Series 3, 2.5 Petrol.
Pete Stainer. Alf the 88" Series 2a 2 1/4 petrol. Parobolic springs
Ricky Smart, Bobtail v8 Rangie. Old Man Emu shocks n springs. 2" lift. ARB lockers
Simon Powell
Steve and Sarah LeMay
Steve Cowling, Series 3, Disco and a Toylander!
Steve Gerrard