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Show details for 01/06/2003-The Quamps, not a club day!01/06/2003-The Quamps, not a club day!
Show details for 02/03/2003-Green Lane Treasure Hunt, Suitable for all 4X4's02/03/2003-Green Lane Treasure Hunt, Suitable for all 4X4's
Show details for 05/01/2003-Brick Kiln Farm05/01/2003-Brick Kiln Farm
Show details for 09/02/2003-Surrey Saw Mills Driving Day09/02/2003-Surrey Saw Mills Driving Day
Show details for 09/08/2003-Summer BBQ09/08/2003-Summer BBQ
Show details for 11/07/2003-Beaulieu 4x4 show11/07/2003-Beaulieu 4x4 show
18/04/2003-Easter Salisbury Plain Trip
Another one of the campsite
Barry used his can of "ACME Spray Mud" to good effect
Dust storm driving,
Group 2 meet Group 1!!
Katrina and Vitara on the Ridgeway
Nice "lane" Patrick and his grannies metro come to mind!
Penny and an Easter Bonnet???
Rule 7: if you get lost just ask a Policeman! they even give you an escort!!
Steve content not in a tent!
Sunday morning egg and spoon race for the kids and adults!!
The encampment- a lot colder than it looks!
The Jacksons on the Plain
The only water we found!
Through the scratchy stuff and onto the muddy bit!
View from the inside
What are we gonna do now???
Show details for 19/09/2003-Fordingbridge Camping19/09/2003-Fordingbridge Camping
Show details for 23/03/2003-Green Lane Clearance23/03/2003-Green Lane Clearance
Show details for 25/05/2003-Club Off Road Day at Brick Kiln Farm25/05/2003-Club Off Road Day at Brick Kiln Farm
Show details for 30/03/2003-Off Road Day at the Quamps30/03/2003-Off Road Day at the Quamps
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