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Wessex Hillrunners Off Road Club

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1. Select the right gear, normally first gear low range.

2. Accelerate up the hill, back off as you break over the top, you can never be sure whats up there or if its straight down again! if in doubt walk up and have a look!

If you stall or cannot make it to the top

1. Hold the car on the foot brake,

2. Stop the engine, put it in reverse and release the clutch,

3. Take your foot of the brake.

4. Look behind you to make sure your path is clear,

5. hit the starter and come back down the hill, STRAIGHT,using the engine braking in reverse,

6. Try again using more throttle or a lower gear!

All the hills on the White route will need little more than tickover and low first, especially in a diesel!

Note the lack of spinning wheels thrashing about!

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