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Green Laning

The Wessex Hillrunners Supports the continued responsible use of what are generically described as “green lanes”


Green lanes are un-surfaced roads that have vehicular rights, i.e. you can drive down them in any car as long as it is road legal. 


We are very fortunate in Hampshire, as there is an extensive network of green lanes to be explored and some spectacular scenery to look at along the way. 


Green lane driving has been compared with ‘rambling on four wheels’ and is more to do with having a drive in the country than pitting yourself against difficult terrain. 


Many lanes in the area can be driven easily in any car, even the newest and shiniest, without fear of damage or getting stuck.


Of course you need to know where the lanes are and the club can help here by providing an extensive database of lanes in the area. 


Navigation is an important part of driving green lanes if you don’t want to get lost!  If you feel that you need to brush up on your map reading skills then the club is happy to help out with either individual or group training sessions.


The club works with other local and national organisations to ensure that the lanes are preserved for use by future generations. 


We also run green lane maintenance days where we undertake clearance and other work to help keep the lanes open and usable – it’s really a form of extreme gardening!  This is undertaken with the full support of the Council and the relevant landowners.


We also get more involved with byway issues (greenlanes) by volunteering our services and manpower to the local authorities through the Hampshire Paths Partnership with a club member having close links with our Local Access Forum.