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Wessex Hillrunners Off Road Enthusiasts

Club Rules when off-roading

· 10 mph speed limit on site, 5mph in car park


· No alcohol or drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor or cleared by Committee) to be       consumed when on site (spectators/drivers).


· Follow instructions from Marshals and Officials – they are there to help keep you and     everybody else safe.


· All loose items to be fastened down (a high-lift jack, toolbox or even your flask of tea       flying around can be lethal).


· Check that you have adequate recovery points and ropes, plus that your vehicle              battery and fuel tank are securely fastened.


· Keep a safe distance from other vehicles at all times.


· When ascending or descending steep hills check that your way is clear and allow           plenty of room for vehicles already on slopes, always follow any direction signs on          site, i.e. one-way routes.


· Give way to vehicles on steep slopes – you can stop, they can’t.


· Obey all signs posted by the club, “no entries” and “one way” for example.


· Be aware of spectators (especially young children – they don’t realise the danger)         YOU are responsible for your family.


· If you see a taped-off area please do not enter with a vehicle – it may be for                    spectators, or the owner of the site does not want it driven on.


· All drivers must hold a valid current driving licence(see new rule)


· Keep animals under control (all dogs must be on a lead).


· Have fun, be safe and if you see anything that gives you cause for concern speak to      a Committee Member or Marshal who will deal with it.


· No Bikes, Motor Bikes or Trikes etc unless permission granted prior to event by the      committee.


· All vehicles must be roadworthy, marshals or committee member’s decision is final,      and this includes brakes, handbrakes and tyres!


· Seatbelts Must be worn at all times by all vehicle occupants, no exceptions for age        related vehicles


· You are responsible for your Passengers, make sure they are safe, sitting on proper     seats etc, if in doubt ask them to get out whilst you tackle that tricky manoeuvre.

· Everyone who enters the site must sign in at the gate.


· All drivers must produce a Membership Card (temporary cards available at a cost of      £1.00 ).


· Any child under 4 years old must be restrained in an EU approved car seat.


· All passengers under 16 years old must have a consent form signed by their parent       or guardian (these are available on the gate and on the Website).


· All drivers must hold a Full Driving Licence. We can permit drivers without a driving       licence, minimum age 17 years old, if accompanied by a Committee approved              competent 4x4 driver with a Full Drivers Licence. They must also request permission     at least 24hrs prior to the event from Chairperson / Chief Marshal.


· All drivers in any one vehicle must make themselves known on entry to the site.  We       may ask you for a small fee to cover insurance cost per driver.


· REMEMBER what we do can be dangerous and fatal, BE SAFE.


· The Committee members have the final word, you will be asked to leave any event if  we feel the rules of the club are being broken or you are acting in an unsafe manner,      this includes green lane events as well as club site days.